International Office held symposia for foreign teachers


In order to strengthen the relationship with foreign teachers and provide a better working atmosphere for our foreign teachers, the symposia for foreign teachers was held at the Silk Road Coffee of the Alliance Building on 15th January. All the staff from the International Office communicated with foreign teachers and listened the voice from them.

The symposia was presided over by Li Ying, Director of the International Office. During the symposia, the foreign teachers provided a lot of constructive opinions and suggestions from the point of academic work and daily life, also they have pointed out some doubts and problems in the management of the epidemic situation. Director Li Ying thanked the foreign teachers for their hard work over the year, expressed the school's recognition of their work and concern for their life, and explained to the foreign teachers in detail about the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control during winter holiday.

After the symposia,teacher from the School of Arts taugh the foreign teachers to write couplets. Teacher Luo Jun explained the meaning of the word Fu and the moral of the couplet.