• Mold Design and Manufacturing

Major introduction

This major is dedicated to cultivating top technical talents with professional skills, ethics, craftsmanship, international vision, and creative spirit who have expertise in mold analysis, design, manufacture, inspection, assembly, commissioning, mold project management and mold trade (international), etc.

Main courses

lApplication of Die CAD/CAE/CAM Technology

lPlastic (Die Casting, Stamping) Molding Process and Die Design

lInspection and Control of Mold Quality

lPrecision High-speed Machining and Multi-axis Linkage Machining

lMold Project Management

lReverse Engineering

lLaser Processing Technology and 3D Printing

lPLC Technology and Engineering Application

lRobot Operation and Maintenance

lMachining and Automation of Die Parts

Career prospects

Graduates can work as mold designers, programming and processing technicians, molding process technicians, mold project management managers, mold intelligent manufacturing unit debugging technicians, etc.