• Study Tour Management and Services

Major Introduction

This major is dedicated to cultivating high-quality and high-skilled talents who have solid knowledge and skills in Spanish language and business, and can use Spanish to engage in foreign trade order handling, translation, business trade and business negotiation in various enterprises and institutions.


Main Courses

lComprehensive Spanish

lBusiness Spanish

lSpanish Listening Comprehension

lSpoken Spanish

lWorkplace Spanish

lImport & Export Trade Practice

lTrade Correspondence

lCross-border E-commerce Training

Career Prospects

Graduates are expected to be employed as merchandisers, foreign trade salespersons, translators, buyers, foreign-related secretaries, etc. for domestic and foreign-funded enterprises, foreign import and export processing enterprises or foreign trade companies. Graduates may also choose to work in the offices of Chinese companies in Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and other Latin American countries to work as translators and salespersons.