• Artificial Intelligence Technology Service

Major Introduction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of study in computer science; it mainly involves robotics, language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, and expert systems. AI has come a long way since its initial inception: the theoretical frameworks in this field are gradually becoming more mature, while the technologies are being applied at an increasing scale. Many emerging sectors are incorporating AI in their operations, leading to an increased demand for AI technology service professionals. Ningbo Polytechnic has competitive academic resources and skills training resources in computer science, internet technology, and electronics, which could be integrated with the AI program, cultivating technology service professionals to fulfill the skills demand of relevant industries. This program, hosted by the AI Application Research Institute, boasts an excellent faculty consisting of two professors and five PhD holders.

Main Courses

Big data basics, AI data collection and procession, machine learning applications, SPARK programming language, deep learning, cloud computing, distributed computing and storage, smart terminal device technology services

Career Prospects

Graduates will have strong sense of professional ethics, social responsibility, and a sound grasp of fundamental AI theory and technologies and capable of AI tech application development, system management and system maintenance. Graduates can work in AI development; system integration, operations, and management; product sales and consultancy; pre-sale and post-sale tech support. They will be well-rounded professionals capable of making a positive contribution to China’s overall development.

Graduates can fill tech application positions in the AI sector. They will be competent for jobs such as AI product development and testing; data processing; system maintenance; product marketing; and tech support.