• Machinary Manufacturing and Automation

Major introduction

This major is dedicated to cultivating high-tech talents in modern equipment manufacturing industry who have mastered the knowledge of production, installation, application, maintenance, design and transformation, and on-site management of advanced manufacturing equipment (industrial robots, automated production lines, etc.) and have strong professional skills in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulic and pneumatic system operations, as well as industrial control, information, quality and management.

Main courses

CAD/CAM, electrical control system installation and debugging, mechanical design, numerical control technology and programming, numerical control equipment installation, debugging and maintenance technology, PLC technology and engineering application, automatic production line application and debugging, industrial robot and its application, etc.

Career prospects

Graduates can work in the design and development of mechanical and electrical products, operation, installation and debugging of numerical control equipment, preparation and management of production process, maintenance and debugging of automation equipment, etc.