• School of Electronic Information Engineering

The School of Electronics and Information Engineering has five programs: Electronics & Information Engineering, Electric Automation Technology, Computer Application, Computer Network, and Internet of Things Application. Electronics & Information Engineering is a national demonstration major, a “successful major” recognized by Zhejiang Province and a demonstration training base of Zhejiang Province. The School’s two programs in computing are national demonstration majors, service-oriented key majors in Ningbo, and demonstration training bases in Zhejiang Province, and Electric Automation Technology is a characteristic major of higher vocational colleges in Zhejiang Province.

The School has established a professional talent training system based on actual workplace processes, developing and enhancing the core courses of each program. More than 30 professional experimental and training rooms have been built and developed. Student workshops in the fields of embedded automatic control, Internet of Things technology application, network information security, program design, mobile app development, webs development, big data application, digital media, etc. have been established, and online teaching platforms have been built. The School adheres to the student-oriented principle, highlights the development of students' personality and specialties, provides them with a good learning and living environment, and improves the teaching interactive platform for professional courses to help cultivate future talents.

The School has been cooperating closely with large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, including Ningbo Household Electrical Appliances Association, TXC (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., Longteng Challenge Software (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hirun Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Manz Network Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. Relying on the model worker studio and the master skill studio, the School will further strengthen the contact and cooperation with Zhonghua Paper and Far East Pier to help solve their technical problems in time.