• School of Supply Chain Management

The School of Supply Chain Management is strategically positioned to align with Ningbo's primary development sectors, utilizing resources from the Ningbo Economic Development Zone, Ningbo Port Area, Ningbo Free Trade Zone, and Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone’s Digital Technology Park. It offers six specialized programs: Modern Logistics Management, E-commerce, Cross-border E-commerce, Big Data and Accounting, Marketing, and Supply Chain Operations. The School's Logistics Management program is nationally recognized as a model of excellence, a distinguished program in Zhejiang, and leads the Ministry of Education's Logistics Management Teaching Resource Library. The E-commerce program is a key specialty within Ningbo; the Accounting program is noted as a distinguished program in Zhejiang and an outstanding program in Ningbo, supported by local fiscal initiatives. The Marketing program concentrates on preparing students for digital media marketing careers; graduates’ salary levels exceed the average across Zhejiang Province and are among the highest within the School's programs. The School is staffed with a highly skilled full-time teaching faculty and a team of part-time instructors with extensive practical experience from the industry.