• Machine Manufacturing and Automation

Major introduction

This major is dedicated to cultivating top technical talents who are proficient in computer aided design and manufacturing technology, familiar with intelligent manufacturing process and technological requirements, have social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability, and can engage in mechanical design and manufacturing, technology development and operation management in future industrial production.

Main courses

lThe Application of CAD/CAM Technology

lInstallation and Debugging of Electrical Control System

lMechanical Innovative Design

lFault Diagnosis of Electromechanical Equipment

lNumerical Control Transformation of Electromechanical Equipment

lPLC Technology and Engineering Application

lApplication and Debugging of Unmanned Processing Unit in Intelligent Manufacturing

lIntelligent Manufacturing System

lIndustrial Robot and Its Application

lRapid Prototyping Technology of 3D Printing

Career prospects

Graduates can work as special employees for mechanical and electrical product design and development, numerical control equipment operation installation and debugging, production process preparation and management, automation equipment maintenance and debugging, intelligent manufacturing unit operation and maintenance, etc.