• Modern Logistics Management

Major Introduction

Relying on the school development principles of integrating industry and education, school-enterprise cooperation, and the integrated talent training mode of digital learning source, enterprise training, credit management and individualized development, this major is dedicated to cultivating high-quality and high-skilled talents with Internet-driven thinking and international vision. They meet the needs of intelligent logistics positions in the whole process of supply chain, have good professional quality and innovative entrepreneurial consciousness, are familiar with modern logistics business processes, and are competent in logistics operation, planning and management.


Main Courses

lTransportation Operation Management

lWarehouse Operation Management

lDistribution Operation Management

lInternational Freight Forwarder

lPort Container Management

lPlanning & Design of Logistics System

lProcurement & Supply Management

lSupply Chain Management Practice

lSupply Chain Finance

lIntelligent Logistics Project Design & Implementation Training


Career Prospects

Graduates are expected to be employed as logistics managers, project managers, operation managers, regional managers and brand directors, as well as special employees for production, sales, planning, business, planning and design, data analysis., etc.