• Industrial Analysis Technology

Major introductio

Through the training mode of 3+2 integration of middle and higher vocational education and double certificates integration of academic certificates and vocational qualification certificates, with the core competence of analysis and inspection as the main line, this major is dedicated to cultivating high-quality technical professionals who have relevant theoretical and operational skills in chemical analysis and inspection, quality supervision and management, good professional ethics and professional quality. They can pursue a career in product quality inspection, quality management and supervision, new product development and analysis, analysis and test quality assurance for chemical engineering, environmental engineering, medicine, metallurgy, light industry and other industries.

Main course

  • Chemical Analysis

  • Instrumental Analysis

  • Quality Control and management

  • Debugging and Maintenance of Analytical Instrument

  • Oil Analysis

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Food Inspection Technology

  • Polymer Material Analysis and Performance Testing

Career prospects

Graduates are targeted to grow into special employees for quality testing, quality control and monitoring, new product development analysis, analysis and testing, quality assurance of chemical industry, environmental industry, pharmaceutical industry, metallurgical industry, light chemical industry, etc.