• Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Major introduction

This major focuses on the extraction and purification of raw materials for biological products, the testing of biopharmaceuticals, and the combination of teaching and industrial practice. It is dedicated to cultivating high-quality technical talents who are engaged in production, inspection, management and research, have good professional ethics, strong professional ability and sustainable development ability, and meet the needs of enterprise transformation.

Main courses

  • Biopharmaceutical Technology

  • Biopharmaceuticals Testing Technology

  • Fermentation Pharmaceutical Technology

  • Extraction and Separation Technology of Natural Medicine

  • Instrumental Analysis

  • Industrial Microbiology and breeding

  • Biochemistry

  • Analytical Chemistr

Career prospects

Graduates can pursue a career in production of biopharmaceuticals, extraction and separation of biological raw material, quality control, testing of food and chemical products, environmental detection, QA, sales person for pharmaceuticals or medical instruments.