• Yangming College

Yangming College, the first “comprehensive pilot area for education and teaching reform” in Ningbo Polytechnic, was co-founded by Ningbo Polytechnic and the Yuyao Municipal Government in 2010. The Institute upholds the philosophy of “integrating education and industry, cooperating with enterprises, combining working with learning, and uniting knowledge and practice”. As Ningbo has been named the first pilot demonstration city of the “Made in China 2025” Initiative, the Institute has taken the initiative to promote high-end, intelligent and green manufacturing. The Institute was rated as an exemplary model of the modern apprenticeship pilot program by the Ministry of Education. The College was awarded the top prize of teaching achievements in the national machinery industry.

In order to meet the demand for top skilled talents in the transformation and upgrading of regional leading industries, the College is dedicated to broadening the employment channels for vocational college students and implementing a system featuring “academic certificate + vocational skill certificate”. The first graduating class of full-time students all earned their “Senior Engineer” Certificate in the National Vocational Skills Appraisal before graduation. The College has also taken the initiative to offer continuing technical training for the private sector and build a platform for technical skills upgrading and innovation, as a way to support regional economic development.