• Environmental Monitoring and Control Technology

Major introduction

to cultivating innovative talents who have a mastery of the knowledge of environmental monitoring and pollution control, have the skills of environmental pollution factor monitoring, pollution control and environmental protection equipment operation, and know how to monitor and control the environment. We are working with Ningbo Research Center for Urban Environment (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Beilun Environmental Monitoring Station, Beilun Yandong Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd and other enterprises and institutions to carry out the project in which teachers and students participate together, aiming at strengthening students' professional quality in an all-round manner.

Main courses

  • Applied Organic Chemistry

  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Instrumental Analysis

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Water Pollution Control Technology

  • Air Pollution Control Technology

  • Environmental Engineering Principle

  • Chemical Safety

Career prospects

Graduates are targeted to grow into engineers, technicians or department manager of environmental protection department, environmental monitoring station, environmental inspection institution, environmental monitoring enterprises, sewage treatment plants, petrochemical enterprises, environmental impact assessment companies, environmental protection engineering companies etc.