• Tourism Management(Sino - Canada Joint Program)

Major Introduction

This Sino-Canada joint program is a three-year program that students can complete in China. This major is a partnership with Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology in Canada, and is dedicated to cultivating international professionals with high comprehensive quality of international vision, professional skills and innovative capabilities, who can operate and manage international catering franchises (western food, coffee, etc.), and international leisure tourism projects (theme parks, cruises, etc.). This major strengthens students' English application ability in the early stage. Language teachers have TESOL qualification certificates and have rich experience. The professional learning stage is taught by first-rate teachers from China and Canada. It attaches importance to the cultivation of students' service consciousness, practical ability and operation skills, attaches importance to the cultivation of students' humanistic literacy and critical thinking ability, attaches importance to the cultivation of students' international vision, and increases their future employment in the industry. Students will have the opportunity to practice in local high star hotels as well as study abroad or do an internship while in school.

Main Courses

lRooms Division Operations 

lFood and Beverage Service

lWestern Kitchen Operation & Management

lBar Operation & Management

lWine & Western Food Culture

lHotel Marketing

lHotel Financial Management

lHotel Project Planning


Career Prospects

Graduates are expected to be employed as special employees for international famous hotel chain groups, international famous high star resort hotels, international cruise lines, catering groups, and will be engaged in front office, catering, guest rooms, marketing, finance and other core positions and also hotel supervision, administrative management and other positions.