• Electromechanical Integration

Major introduction

This major is dedicated to cultivating top technical talents with advanced skills, innovative awareness, and enterprising spirit who are proficient in process programming, tooling design, mechanical and electrical product assembly, testing, automatic production line use and maintenance, quality control and product design. Students will become competent in the installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and management of automatic production lines in advanced manufacturing industries.

Main courses

lElectrical Control Design and PLC Installation and Debugging

lElectromechanical Drive Technology

lDesign, Installation and Debugging of Pneumatic Hydraulic Systems

lApplication of Industrial Robot System Integration

lAssembly and Adjustment of Non-standard Automatic Production Line

lFault Diagnosis of Machine Tools and Equipment

lInnovative Design and Practice of Electromechanical Products

lDesign and Manufacture of Mechatronics Systems

Career prospect

Graduates can work as special employees for electromechanical product design, electromechanical integration equipment design, installation and debugging, industrial robot operation and application, electromechanical system integration, electromechanical product marketing and after-sales service, etc.