• Computer Network Technology

National Demonstration Program

Service-Oriented Key Program of Ningbo

Demonstration Skills Training Base of Zhejiang Province

Major Introduction
This major is dedicated to cultivating professionals engaged in network planning, operation and maintenance, web construction and network application services. According to the market demand, courses are offered in two directions: network engineering and WEB application development, and a curriculum system is designed, which combines platform, direction and enterprise customization as the main line. Graduates have solid professional knowledge and practical skills. This major boasts a network application studio and a network information security studios, focusing on training professionals. Students have achieved great results in provincial and national vocational college skill competitions over the years.

Main Courses

Windows Server Maintenance and Management, Network Construction & Management, VCOM, Network Strategy & Optimization, Front-End Web Development, Dynamic Website Techniques, Web Interface Design, PHP Project Developing, etc.

Learning Outcomes & Career Prospects

This major is dedicated to cultivating high-quality and high-skilled talents who have mastered the technologies in computer network system planning and construction, network operation and maintenance and management security, website construction services, network application development, etc.

For graduates majoring in network engineering, they are expected to be employed as network administrators, integrated wiring engineers, system test engineers, system integration project managers, etc. For graduates majoring in webs development, they are expected to be employed as web art designers, interactive designers, etc.