• Computer Technology

National Demonstration Program

Service-Oriented Key Program of Ningbo

Demonstration Skills Training Base of Zhejiang Province

Major Introduction

This major is dedicated to cultivating in-demand talents for the internet + era. Three orientations are included in the program: software and mobile internet, big data application technology, and information and digital media.

A curriculum has been designed together by the School and enterprises, which combines platform, direction and enterprise customization as the main line. Students' practical skills and learning ability have been strengthened in studio practice. Multiple awards have been won by the School in the provincial competitions of program design, mobile internet software application, big data application, artificial intelligence application and multimedia design for college students. In 2019, students won the first place in the National Skills Competition for Higher Vocational Colleges.

Main Courses

Front-End Web Development, Java  Web Development, Big Data, Data Collection & Cleansing, Mobile APP Development, Basic Theory & Application of Python, Graphic Design, WeChat Miniprograms.

Learning Outcomes & Career Prospects

This major is dedicated to cultivating high-skilled talents who are engaged in software development, enterprise information management, big data application, front-end development, mobile internet application development, graphic design and art design, web design and maintenance, etc. based on their mastering of relevant theoretical knowledge of computer application.

Graduates are expected to be employed as software development engineers, software testers, app development engineers, big data application engineers, front-end development engineers, enterprise information administrators, office clerks, art designers and graphic designers on, web development engineers, etc.