• Electronic Information Engineering Technology

National Demonstration Program

“Successful Program” Recognized by Zhejiang Province

Ningbo’s Top Program

Major Introduction

Intelligent electronic technology serves as the core of Made in China 2025 Initiative and the transformation and upgrading of modern enterprises. It is the key to the competitiveness of enterprises. With more automation replacing human workers and the extensive application of artificial intelligence products, professionals who have mastered intelligent electronic technology have become the most needed talents in the market. Relevant positions in the industry have promising career prospects with high pay.

The number of National Vocational Education Teaching Repository and that of National Excellent Resource Sharing Courses presided over and participated in by this major is ahead of its peers in the province. Students have achieved outstanding results compared with their peers in the province in various professional skills competitions, including electronic design competition for college students and Challenge Cup competition. This program has made remarkable achievements in serving enterprises and technological innovation. It focuses on training professionals with promising career prospects, who have mastered intelligent electronic technology, robot control technology, new energy vehicles and other technologies.

Main Courses

Electronics Technology (Analog Electronic Circuit & Digital Electronic Circuits), Program Design, Modern Electronic Technology, Sensor Technology & Application, Analysis and Manufacture of Electronic Product, MCU Electronic Product Design, Embedded Technology Application, Embedded Technology & Application, PLC Technology & Application, etc.

Learning Outcomes & Career Prospects

This major is dedicated to cultivating high-skilled talents with good professional ethics, craftsmanship spirit, sustainable development potential and innovation capability, including process engineers and production managers who have mastered the working principle and manufacturing process of electronic information products, R&D assistant engineers who have mastered the research and development of electronic information products, and equipment maintenance engineers who have mastered the maintenance of modern electronic production equipment.

Graduates are expected to be employed as R&D engineers (assistants), electronic product process engineers (assistants), product debugging and inspection engineers (assistants), production management managers (team leaders), equipment maintenance engineers (assistants), technical support engineers of related products, etc.