• School of Chemical Engineering

For the development of petrochemical and material industries at Ningbo’s ports, the Faculty of Chemical Engineering is committed to training high-quality skilled talents engaged in the production and operation control, equipment maintenance and operation, analysis and testing, and biochemical product marketing of the petrochemical, fine chemical, organic chemical, material chemical and biochemical industries. It has achieved remarkable results in school-industry cooperation, curriculum reform and social services, and is a member of the Teaching Steering Committee of Applied Chemical Specialty in Higher Vocational Colleges of the Ministry of Education. The Faculty has been committed to cultivating outstanding talents for enterprises and providing internship and job opportunities for students through school-industry cooperation.

The Faculty has a team of excellent teachers, all of whom have master's degree or above, of which 40% are doctors and 40% are awarded senior titles, and all of them have working experience in enterprises. It has a building area of nearly 5,000 square meters and a biochemical training base with fixed assets of nearly RMB 10 million. The Faculty has more than 20 professional training rooms for industrial analysis, fine chemical industry and biological fermentation, as well as 5 operation training rooms compatible with simulation production and learning. There is a chemical industry research institute and a new energy materials research institute. There are 3 R&D centers jointly built by the school and enterprises, and advanced large-scale equipment such as chemical analysis, material testing and basic chemical operation are available to meet the needs of teaching and training, scientific research, and obtaining national vocational qualification certificates.