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Welcome to Ningbo Polytechnic (NBPT)!

Founded in 1959, NBPT has come a long way to become a publicly-funded tertiary institution in 1999 to further develop its strengths. In 2006, NBPT joined the forefront of TVET by becoming one of the first exemplary TVET institutions in China and in 2019, NBPT was proudly selected into the Construction Plan of High-level Vocational Colleges and Programs with Chinese Characteristics (Double High-level Plan) among over 1,400 colleges by MoE and MoF. This is the affirmation of our past achievements and the new start of development in the future. 

Ningbo, an open & historical city which is on the halfway down the coastline of the Chinese mainland and to the Yangtze River Delta, where NBPT is also located at, is known as one of the cites with the Strongest Sense of Happiness in China. The slogan “A City of Culture & A Gateway to the World” shows the unique charm of the City. Ningbo is the birthplace of Hemudu culture with 7000 years of civilization history and it has also been one of the starting ports of the Maritime Silk Road since ancient times. Now, Ningbo is a major transportation hub well-connected by a network of high ways, railways, air routes and shipping routes. Also, it homes various industry clusters which has laid a solid foundation for our development in areas of exploring reform in TVET and involving private sector in skills cultivation, assisting local industries in R&D and innovation, updating our curriculums with industry through in-depth collaboration with an emphasis on integrating theory with practice.

Committed to working in close collaboration with partners in China and at abroad, NBPT is in pursuit of its mission to strive for TVET excellence and make dedicated efforts towards our goals of cultivating skilled workers, engaging in applied research, supporting the social economy & local community and going global. For years, NBPT has been exploring new TVET models, providing large leeway to numerous aspiring teachers to try new methods and realize their dreams. In this globalized world, our education has been growing in scope and depth. We offer training to other countries, teach overseas, hold ourselves to international standards, and build industry-education collaboration platforms. The world knows us better and vice versa. By sharing China’s experience, we have left a mark in TVET around the world.

Going forward, NBPT will maintain its momentum, encourage harmony in diversity through innovation and integration, and spare no effort to realize our vision. We invite and welcome teachers and students from all over the world to join us to realize your dreams and create a better future.

We thank you for your interest in knowing more about NBPT and I trust your visit will provide you with a better understanding of NBPT. We look forward to seeing you on our beautiful and dynamic campus. 

Prof. WU Xiangyang

Welcome to Ningbo Polytechnic