• Sino-Australian Joint Project in Computer Network Technology


Bendigo Kangan Institute, founded in 1925, is located in Melbourne, Australia and has six campuses. It is the largest public institution providing vocational education and training courses in Victoria, Australia. It has been ranked among the top three best vocational and technical colleges in Australia for many times, leading in teacher quality, pedagogy, and teaching materials in the world. The institution has rich experience in international education cooperation, and its programs in computer system technology enjoy a high reputation. Graduates are highly recognized by society and enterprises.

Major Introduction

This major is set up in cooperation with Bendigo Kangan Institute, integrating the high-quality educational resources of China and Australia and optimizing the professional training plan to produce outstanding talents. All courses are based on Certificate and advanced diploma courses of computer system technology major of TAFE system in Australia, and highlights the configuration of mainstream network equipment and the application of mainstream network software. Several specialized courses are taught by Australian teachers in English, aiming to train students to become professionals who can use English fluently and master theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Project Advantages

Double Diploma: The three-year program is completed in China. Students who obtain all credits of the program and meet the graduation requirements of both Chinese and Australian schools can be awarded double diplomas: the diploma of College of Computer Network Technology (Higher Vocational Technology Education) issued by China and the Advanced Diploma of Computer System Technology issued by Bendigo Kangan Institute recognized by the Ministry of Education of China.

Fast Track: After completing their studies and meeting certain requirements, students have the opportunity to study in Australia for undergraduate courses. Partner institutions and other institutions in Australia recognize the credits of students in China's vocational and technical education. Students can obtain Australian bachelor's degree after continuing their studies for 1.5 years.

Main Courses

Install & Manage Complex ICT Networks, Install, Operate & Troubleshoot Medium Enterprise Switches, Configure, Verify & Troubleshoot WAN Links and IP Services in a Medium Enterprise Network, Plan & Direct Complex IT Projects, etc.

Learning Outcomes & Career Prospects

This major is dedicated to cultivating high-quality and high-skilled talents with high professional ethics, service awareness, international vision and development potential, which are needed by national and regional economic and social development. They can be engaged in the planning and establishment of small and medium-sized computer network systems, network operation and maintenance and management security, web development, and network application development in various IT enterprises.

Graduates are expected to be employed as network engineers, web designers, integrated wiring engineers, system test engineers, project managers, etc.