• Electric Automation Technology

“Successful Program” Recognized by Zhejiang Provincial Government and Ningbo Municipal Government

Major Introduction

This major is a “successful program” recognized by Zhejiang Province and a service-oriented key program” of Ningbo. Driven by employer demands, this major focuses on industrial control technology for motion control and automation application technology for process control, and jointly trains talents through the mode of school-enterprise cooperation. Students can practice skills at real-life workplaces during their studies. Compared with its counterparts in others colleges, this major has advantages in electrical system integration and industrial control. Students have won the first prize of National Skills Competition continuously, and graduates are highly valued in enterprises.

Main Courses

Electrical Engineering, Application & Practice of Electronic Technology, Installation & Debugging of Electrical Machinery, Power Electronics & Frequency-Converting Techniques, Configuration Technology, Sensor & Detecting Techniques, PLC Technology & Engineering Application, Installation & Debugging of Automatic Production Line, etc.

Learning Outcomes & Career Prospects

This major is dedicated to cultivating high-skilled talents in automation who have mastered skills such as the implementation of power supply and distribution system, industrial automation system integration and industrial robot application .

Graduates are expected to be employed as special employees for design, installation, debugging, maintenance and technical transformation of power supply and distribution system, electrical automation system, industrial process automation system, etc.