• School of Architectural Engineering

The School of Architectural Engineering boasts an excellent team of professional teachers, all of whom have industry experience and professional qualifications such as Grade I registered construction engineer, Grade I registered structural engineer and international registered supervision engineer. With a project-based curriculum, the School has developed a “hands-on” learning system, focusing on cultivating students' innovative ability. Students have won prizes in many competitions such as the National College Students' Architectural Recognition Competition, Zhejiang College Students' Structural Design Competition and the Challenge Cup.

The School's training base was built to simulate real-life engineering scenarios in the construction industry. Facilities include the cost estimation training lab, interior design studio, building measurement training lab, cement analysis lab, civil engineering lab, mechanics lab, and on-site operation training functional area, which can meet the needs of students throughout the process of training in the construction industry and provide testing and other services to construction and architectural firms. In addition, the School has established partnerships with more than 30 enterprises to provide opportunities for students' internship and practical training.